When Gilbert and Sullivan produced their 1893 opera Utopia Limited, they were showing that the corruption and scandal of our world is just too great to truly have a Utopia within it. Sadly enough, they may very well have been right to some degree. As of yet, mankind is still doomed to suffer and the idea of a Utopia is quite far away.

The very word Utopia conjures notions of an absolutely perfect world. A world without crime or disease may seem entirely ideal. However, there are serious questions as to whether or not it can ever truly be achieved. Human beings are a fickle member of the animal kingdom, and all of the political or social movements that promised to create a utopia have formed just about everything besides one.

By definition, a utopia is a superlative state of being. Perhaps this idea is best focused on individually. It may sound corny to many people, but simply treating others with kindness is a step in the right direction towards a more utopist way of life. One’s attitude is a fine place to start. Simply having a positive attitude and spreading joy may be the best steps towards a utopia.